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Our why is simple. We love America, we love dogs and we love making bad ass pain free pet products that are designed to stand up to anything.

Our business emerged from our flagship engineered all-in-one harness, a product that makes walking your dog fun and healthy. The harness is clinically designed to reduce stress, pulling, and pain or pressure on your dog. All of our leashes use a superior rope material that will not burn your hands.

With 99% of pet products being made overseas, we demand a higher quality product for our furry friends. We work hard to hand craft products with meticulous attention to detail right here in the USA.We utilize the latest technology to ensure maximum durability. The only thing as strong as our products is our word.

Treat you and your pet to a new leash!

Quality products

Exceptional quality with focus for tiny details. Your leash will never break again!

Made with Love

We love what we do and hope you enjoy as well! We are 110% committed to our leashes!

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Our leashes are engineered to perfection all around! Never replace your leash again!

All In One Harness


Our business emerged from this flagship engineered all-in-one harness, a product that makes walking your dog fun and healthy. Does your dog despise or have trouble putting it’s legs through the tiny harness loops? If so, Our All In One Harness is perfect for your pup.

Availability: In Stock
Model: AIO-Harness

Slip Lead


A Slip Lead is a great item to have on hand. It is designed with a slip loop that allows for easy leashing of the dog. Slip leads are specifically made for training or a quick grab and go. They’re designed for easy correction while walking, exercising, training, or Pack walking. Our Slip Lead is not available for small dogs as it isn’t a great fit for them.

Availability: In Stock
Model: Slip


Classic Lead Me Leash


Our standard leashes are not just comfortable to use, but are strong and sturdy for the person who wants an everyday leash for their dog. Gain more control on walks and make outdoor excursions with your pup safer and more enjoyable with your LeadMeLeash
Availability: In Stock
Model: Dog Leash

Nothing's stronger than our leashes except our word!

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