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Antler Tips Dog Chews

Antler Tip Dog Chews (Small)

$6.00 $3.00

These chews are 100% natural antler chews that are sure to satisfy any smaller breed’s taste buds and dental health. The antler tips hardened texture cleans and rejuvinates your dog’s teeth, exercises jaw muscles, and naturally massages your pup’s gums.




Keep your drinks crisp and cold, and keep your hands warm. Especially useful for going on walks! This classic koozie is great for all dog lovers alike. Choose from a variety of six colors and 8 sayings!

Poop Baggie Holder

Poop Baggie Holder


Great to clip on the handle; this classic Lead Me Leashes branded poop baggie holder allows you to clean up messes instantly!

Dog Vinyl Decal

Vinyl Decals


Place this vinyl decal anywhere you would a sticker, whether it be your ride’s back window, at work, in your home! Makes a great small gift. This 4″ decal is durable and long lasting.